Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Urban Worm Farm Solution - Step by Step Setup

After discovering our family compost bin was in a dangerously anaerobic state I decided a worm farm would be a much more suitable and productive way to deal with organic waste from the kitchen. Dont get me wrong, when done right compost is the best option out there but I cant see my family producing enough waste in one go to make a pile large enough to really get the beneficial bacteria dominating, plus that process takes skill and dedication. Basically when I want to make a compost heap for the garden I will make it separately and add worm castings and juice to enrich it, but day to day the worms are a better solution to control scraps. The benefits of a worm farm are many, my main reasons were: - Compact, making it perfect in an urban setting - Low Maintenance - Low energy input for high quality output - Regular worm juice for watering - High quality Castings (worm poo) to grow great vegetables in In this video I follow the process to set it up and get started. This video is produced by The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI) For more information on worm farms and all things Permaculture please visit

Credit: permaculturenews

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