Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Di Pietro Compressed Air Motor - Engineair

The Di Pietro Motor is a 94.5% efficient compressed air motor that can run on energy from sustainable sources such as the sun. At the moment he uses one size motor for all the applications as seen in this video. With development it has the potential to replace any size motor in any application. This technology exists today. It's not an engineer's concept bound to a computer screen. It's patented and physically verified. The only thing holding back the widespread application of this technology seems to be will. Even in light of the gulf oil disaster Obama has been quoted saying "We're not going to transition out of oil next year or 10 years from now" - President Barack Obama, May 26, 2010 Why not Mr Obama? The technology exists right now and your people know it. For the full article on this motor and more information about other ways we can transition to a post carbon economy see the full article - permaculture.org.au


Credit: permaculturenews


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