Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Range Permaculture on Costa's Garden Odyssey

Clip from Costa's Garden Odyssey. Episode 10, Series 2. Aired on SBS, May 20th, 8pm. For more information about Costa's great show see For more information about the project featured in this video see a full article about Free Range Permaculture - Since around April 2008 Free Range Permaculture have been conducting a school garden program at the Flexible Learning Center (FLC), Cairns, which operates as a Positive Learning Centre for disadvantaged youth and migrant kids ranging in age from 5 -- 17 years. The FLC was started in a shed at the same site by a committed group of educators who recognized the importance of providing an alternative approach to working with children who, for various reasons, were struggling with the traditional classroom environment. Read more -

Credit: permaculturenews

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