Friday, April 6, 2012

Designs on the Roof of the World

A presentation at the UK Permaculture Convergence 2010 by permaculture designer and teacher Chris Evans. The presentation features inspirational pictures and stories from the decades of permaculture work Chris has done and inspired in Nepal. Produced by the Permaculture Association and uploaded by kind permission of Chris Evans. For more information about the work of Chris Evans in Nepal please visit the Himalayan Permaculture Centre website : Chris is a partner in Spirals of Abundance and, together with Jakob Jespersen, wrote The Farmer's Handbook, which is free to download : That page also contains two new recommended permaculture book publications, and you can find out more about permaculture design and education in the Britain on the site. and/or the Permaculture Association website : Keep up to date with permaculture news from all around the world at

Credit: permacultureplanet

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