Saturday, April 28, 2012

FMH Controversial machinima video featuring Bill Mollison. True story or tall tale? Described by film-maker AstralJester as a "parable of enough", it highlights the global issue of exploitation and abuse of those with less than enough to feed the desires of those with more than enough. You may not know this but in Bangladesh alot of people are starving, and when they get close to death they secrete a hormone called FMH. It's called Fat Mobilisation Hormone, and it lifts the fat out of the bone marrow. It's the last act before death of starvation. Now, there's a little team of doctors, about 30 of them, mostly American some Australian, running around collecting their urine, if you're close enough to death, and out of the urine they get FMH. They bring it back to America and Australia and they inject it into fat ladies to make them a bit thinner, and they make alot of money doing it. Now, I have a better idea and we can set this up: We have a trip to Bangladesh for overweight ladies, and we'll get quite low prices, and of course we don't feed them, and we fly them to Bangladesh, and we tip them all out, and we load up twice as many really thin ladies, and so we fly all them back to Australia and America. Now, when they've fattened up half way but are not yet obese, the fat ones are down to where they're not starving but they're no longer obese, and we fly them all home again. And I think that's better than having to kill someone just to get the hormone ...

Credit: permascience

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